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We help Australian families pay off their debt and turn their lives around.

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Kimberly P, NSW

“I would like to take the opportunity to extend my sincerest gratitude for your help and support. It was quite nerve racking to make contact in the first instance, but with all the information being clear and you taking the time to answer all my questions and concerns, I was relieved to discover that Credit Counsellors Australia really could help and I was no longer “alone” in my situation.”

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Therese D, VIC

Therese contacted Credit Counsellors Australia to discuss her situation “You patiently and clearly explained what was involved in the process and was impressed by the non-judgemental attitude to my financial mess”. After a few months of further researching her options and speaking to various companies “to determine who would be best to handle this for me”, Therese again made contact “once again your staff were patient, non-judgemental and had a way of explaining the process clearly. I then trusted Credit Counsellors Australia completely.” Therese subsequently entered a Debt Agreement with the help of Credit Counsellors and is in the process of repaying her debts, “Thank you for your professionalism through every stage of the process”.

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Kevin H and Susan W, QLD

“Just wanting to thank you for the outstanding service Credit Counsellors Australia has provided. Your help and assistance in our time of need is now allowing us to ‘dig’ ourselves out of a deep and depressing hole and your understanding has been most appreciated. You’ve brought a smile back to our faces. We are grateful for your knowledge and expertise in this area”.

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pay off my debt, payoffmydebt, pay of my debt, payofmydebt, pay off your debt
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